5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Living Room with Cushion Covers

5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Living Room with Cushion Covers

Has the living room started looking old and boring? Are you planning to revamp it? Often the task of sprucing up the living room can be a long and expensive project. So, before you think of re-painting, replacing the old couch and furniture or re-carpeting the living room, give cushion covers a try. A small yet significant change, cushion covers can provide the living room with a refreshing look and add up some charm. Cushions are perfect for bringing comfort, and the covers can seamlessly take care of the style. However, are you wondering how to use cushion covers to give your living room an exotic makeover? Well, then read on the below tips and set up your mood.

No Matchy-Matchy Approach: If the cushion covers are of the same colour as the sofa, then get rid of them immediately. Cushions are a versatile element, and you can have fun with them. Use designer cushions to add colours, and to bring textures and patterns in your living room. It will instantly make the ambience lively and provide a refreshing feel to the place.

Place them Right: Once you get the right cushion cover design, then you should focus on the placement. The positioning of the cushions can make much difference. You can either put cushions of different sizes together for a heterogeneous look. Alternatively, if you like the uniform approach, then decorate the space with cushions of the same dimensions. You can group them in pairs or odd-numbers depending upon the visual impact that strikes you. After all, it is your nest, and it should reflect your personality distinctly.

The Numbers Does Matter: The way you place the cushions is essential. But it would help if you give equal precedence to the number of cushions. If you have a traditional décor, then go for even number of cushions. You can ideally, pair up a big and small cushion and place at either end of the sofa. However, for a contemporary appeal, you should go for odd number of cushions. You can even choose a pack of five plain cushions in different colours for a three-seater sofa for that eclectic look.

Think of the Tone: Cushion covers may appear as a small accessory in the décor world. Still, they can change the style and tone of the place. So, when choosing cushion covers to give a makeover to the room, consider the wall, curtains and sofa colour. If the décor is already bright and the place receives ample sunlight, then pick covers in darker tones to give a cosy feel. Nevertheless, if space is small and doesn’t receive much natural light, then bring lively colour tones that can work as instant colour pops in the room.

Infuse Texture: With cushion covers, you can also bring different textures in your living room. These can add to the aesthetic appeal of the space. It is a subtle yet effective way of experimenting with the décor, especially if you have been using monotonous décor themes. But if you are the adventurous kinds, then give metallic shades and textures a try. With an interplay of such compositions in the sofa cushion covers, you can provide a luxurious feel to your living room.

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Have you tried giving a makeover to your living room with cushions? Then, share some pro tips, and if you find the above tips useful, then we will be happy to hear back. Please drop a line in the comments below.

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