Kautage: The Yarning Of ‘VETAIL’

Kautage: The Yarning Of ‘VETAIL’

We all know online shopping is exponentially replacing traditional shopping experience. Even in the sphere of the home-fashion market, the surge in internet penetration came with the idea to sell merchandise like bed sheets, towel sets, quilts etc via the internet. In the Indian e-commerce market, home-fashion is a nascent business but it has been growing at a faster rate compared to other categories. Given that this segment is highly fragmented and unorganized, the way to massive growth lies in the wide assortment of products that this sector focuses on.

Having said that, one still might know many people who prefer the old-school style of shopping, rather than buying things online. The biggest concern while buying things online is regarding the product's quality. Reviews are not always reliable and all the research can't assure you of a product's quality; fraud sellers are the prime reason for people not totally trusting online marketplaces.

On the other side, traditional shopping methods have limitations of their own. Time and effort, the cost for visiting a location, selecting the product and transporting back to home, inaccessibility to the store, and non-availability of a wider range of styles/choices etc; all have an adverse implication on the customer’s decision-making in the market. And, most importantly, in the traditional retail mode, the customer does not always have the freedom to shop at the time of his convenience.

Kautage As a Problem-Solver

Over the last few decades, the home fashion market has got an impetus due to the boom in the residential real estate industry. Also driving the growth of this section is an increased consciousness among homeowners for beautiful interiors. The trend is not limited to new house-owners but also has got into the psyche of those looking forward to redoing their home.

Here the idea of Kautage took shape, bridging the gap between the online and offline channels of retail. We, at Kautage, are revolutionizing the experience of shopping through a unique process - which we have colloquially named ‘VETAIL’.

VETAIL’ gives you the freedom to shop unlimited via our website, or you can do the same with an extra benefit of experiencing our merchandise in the traditional style through the Kautage Cart, which will deliver the products of your choice at your doorstep, so you can enjoy the freedom to select only what you finally feel like buying. You have a plethora of options to choose from, including products manufactured both in the organized and unorganized sector of the economy.

The ultimate objective of Kautage, through ‘VETAIL’, is to provide you the comfort of adding fashion quotient to your habitat, along with the ease of shopping at your doorstep. Embrace the latest way to shop, and indulge yourself in luxury by giving your home a brand new makeover with our exclusive range of premium home fashion and a line of other products, only with Kautage.